Elderly man tells the interesting history of why Akans inherit from the Mother Side


Literally, the question on why the Akans inherit properties from the mother side and not the father side has been a topic under discussion for so many years now. But today, guess what, Cbgist.com has provided an answer to this headache question.

Without wasting much time, let’s dig into it;

The Akan people are an ethnic group that makes up the majority of the Southern Region of the former Gold Coast, which was previously known as Ghana.

The Akans are the most powerful ethnic group in Ghana, and they are also the most numerous. Cultural customs, beliefs, and superstitions abound throughout their society.

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The Akans have an interesting family structure, which is worth mentioning. In common with many other tribes, the Akans practice a matrilineal system of inheritance. Traditionally, it is considered that a kid is related to his or her mother by blood and related to his or her father via spirit. As a result, the father is the stranger in the relationship between the mother, the child, and the father.

While the child is linked to his uncle by blood, the child is also related to his uncle because the uncle is the mother’s brother, and therefore they are related by blood.

All of your mother’s brothers are your uncles, and all of her sisters are your aunts and grandmothers. Prior to the introduction of the intestate succession law 111 by the PNDC, widows and their children were denied the right to inherit their deceased spouse’s property and assets.

This is due to the fact that the man is not linked to his wife or child by blood, and hence the nephews and nieces were the direct descendants. When it comes to your father’s maternal side, all of his sisters are your aunts, and all of his brothers are your fathers.

Source: Cbgist.com

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