Elladeevah, the lesbian girl dragged and raped by unknown men gives details in new video.


-The Ghanaian-based Nigerian lady, Elladeevah Ellios speaks in a video as she talked about what really happened.

One of the trending stories currently on social media is the rape case of a Ghanaian-based Nigerian alleged lesbian lady, who was reportedly recorded, dragged and raped for two days by some unknown men.

A video of the rape victim, Elladeevah Ellios has been seen trending as she gives details of the incidence.

According to her, she can not recall what exactly happened initially but the only thing she could remember was being dragged by some men she couldn’t identify them.

Weeping in panic, she said she was heading towards the hospital for medical reports to be sent to the Cantonment police station in Accra.

Ella made her contact publicly known in the video as she called for help from people that knows her.


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