Emefa Apawu shares her ‘Moments with Joy’

JoyFM and JoyNews’ vibrant broadcast journalist, Emefa Apawu, takes her turn on Joy Entertainment’s Facebook Live show ‘Moments with Joy‘ on Friday, October 29, 2021.

Emefa is the lead news anchor in the Joy newsroom who executes her job with professionalism.

She possesses years of experience in upholding the highest of standards in journalism, a quality that has endeared her to the hearts of many.

It promises to be another exciting edition, as many have wondered what contributes to her eloquence and vibrance on the airwaves.

Away from her work, did you know that Emefa has an interesting story behind an English name which she hardly ever mentions? You can find out more as she takes her turn on ‘Moments with Joy’.

Emefa Apawu promises to be brutally honest in answering all your questions as she gets up close and personal with no limits in the hot seat on ‘Moments with Joy’ on Friday, October 29, only on Facebook Live via ‘Joy Entertainment’ page at 2 pm.

Give the page a like, follow it, and wait patiently as the excitement unfolds.

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