Emotional Moment:They Settled Their Differences And Lived Very Happily After.


We should always let love lead and shun discord. Shatta and Arnold truly proved that they are matured

According to the lovers of the entertainment program on United Television hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown being called inconsistent and confused isn’t ultimately psychiatry and disrespectful. An evaluation of one’s words/actions can posit such linkages.

Shatta Wale showed some level of inconsistencies which Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo pointed out in his speech and actions on set. It has nothing to do with ego but critique. Shatta seized the opportunity as always to draw in some gains to keeping fingers busy on social media through his unconventional ways.

Its absurd how people can write much in the name of fanaticism. Our love for some of these people will not allow us to speak truth to them.

What is disrespectful about some one being confused? In any case, judging from the way Shatta was behaving last night, and his address, is that not a confused person. See how he messed up. Confusing himself with what he said himself. Lets all try and speak truth to who ever is involved.

Shatta lovers also are of the opinion that’s it’s a brilliant submission made by their boss, in Ghana most of the journalist think they know everything. They don’t normally agree with shatta on some of the things he does but at the same time you can’t call someone who is successful in his carrier a confused person.

The have also lambasted Arnold by asking how can someone like him be on that show? What positive impact will he bring to the youth watching.

They are always talking about Ghana music industry not supporting musicians but these bloggers in Ghana are the cause of everything and not only music but other things concerning Ghana.

The above sentiments are shared by those in favor and against Shatta. Whatever be the case, the management of United Television managed to bring the two together after the show and settle their differences. It was such an emotional moment.

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