Emtee Caused Drama At The SAFTAs.


This year’s edition of the South African Film and Television Awards 2021 (SAFTAs) were a success and we saw all our faves getting their much needed flowers.

The whole event was pre-recorded even though the performances were live.

One of the performers for the event was Ami Faku and she nailed her performance.

It’s almost as if everything went well and there were no hiccups leading up to her performance.

According to Phil Mphela, there was a whole lot of drama backstage as the songstress was booked to perform with popular South African rapper, Emtee.

They were set to perform their hit collaboration Lala Ngoxolo however after rehearsals have been completed and the stars were dressed in their outfits, Emtee reportedly was nowhere to be found.

Our sources informed us that minutes before he and Ami could perform, Emtee disappeared,” said Phil Mphela.

“We were also told that Emtee left in costume, meaning the costume department was left worried as the clothes and shoes he was wearing, were borrowed for the event.” He added.

This caused Ami Faku to perform solo.

Despite Emtee’s talent in music, he has suffered a great deal of betrayal in the industry especially at the hands of his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

This made him an independent artist so many people saw this as an opportunity for him to make an even bigger name for himself.

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