Another Ghanaian man marries a white gay man; Ghanaians living abroad are enjoying


The bizarre and dicey discussion on (LGBTQ) ie, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning appear to have dominated social media over some time now. It’s fascinating how some individuals who you would anticipate to know better are pursuing to rationalize this act of Lunacy in the name of fundamental human rights.

Many can’t fathom why any sane human being, conceived for 9 months and born of a woman will decide that they’d want to satisfy themselves sexually with same gender partners. If their parents had chosen that path, would they have been on earth? Even animals are not doing this, why humans?

Of all these nonsensical sexual pleasure discussion, nothing irritates me more than two grown men with stony butts having unnatural canal penetration at the expense of that succulent, soothing and gorgeous body of an empress. “Mi Lord, what a sin thing?!”

If this LGBT thing is not witchcraft, madness or both, what else can it be? As for pressure from our Western donors, it’ll not stop today nor tomorrow. It’s for us to adopt both diplomatic and radicalism approach to deal with this societal canker once and for all.

Ghana‘s making this country inconvenient for the LGBTQ community, has made members to transport themselves to the foreign nations that accepts them, and it looks like they are quite comfortable. Because Ghana and some African countries will not accept its own citizens who are gay or lesbians, they have commenced running to live in the countries that they will be eligible to live cheerfully.

Strangely, wedding pictures of a Ghanaian gentleman, whose identity is still not known, have appeared on on the internet,  with his white gay spouse. In the pictures, the man, with full energy and strength, put on a bright “kente” cloth with his partner in a white african cloth. They also had necklaces, made of Ghanaian beads.

The eccentric couple kissed in a photo to demonstrate their love and admiration they possess in their friendship. What has possessed the youth of this generation that they will want to wed people of their own gender?

Below is the post on social media

Can they procreate to fill the earth as that was the original intent of God for mankind?

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