End time is here: Methodist church England Approves gayism


All Churches CANNOT AND MUST not unite!
This kind of diabolic unity is very dangerous to the body of Christ. As long as we continue to produce more heresies and damnable doctrines, the division would continue and continue.

If you are still hoping for a unity then wakeup! It is only the genuine ones that would be united in Spirit. Just imagine occult loving churches with Gay approved Churches all calling for unity!

It is like saying all cancerous cells should unite with the rest of the body and live in harmony! How can a healthy body live in harmony with cancerous cells?
Cast out the cancer and let the body grow properly. The only group that must unite are those sticking with the Word of God.

The LGTBQ has been celebrating gayism and lesbianism, they use six rainbow colours as their identity, there’s a trick they are using to trap even unsuspecting christians here on social media, to advance their agenda they have already provided their colours on Facebook in that whenever you want to post the rainbow colours for LGBT are right there. Choose another colour or else you advance LGBT.

Getting people informed about Gayism, talking about it and exposing its negative repercussions both religious and to the individual as against the view that people must not talk about it or create an awareness of its existence, which path do we thread?

The methodist church of England has approved the same sex marriage. A vote held on the subject resulted in the majority voting in favor for same sex marriage to be legalized.

The voters in favor were 254 with 46 against. The very land of the wesleyan revival accepting gay marriage. This is a quotation of the prayer of Bishops:” Some of us have been praying for this day to come for decades, and can hardly believe it is now here,” he said. “

We are so grateful to our fellow Methodists for taking this courageous step to recognise and affirm the value and worth of LGBTQ relationships.

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