“Enough of the beef, Let’s make money together” Shatta Wale


– Shatta Wale has advised his colleagues to put an end to all industry fights.

– He reveal he is making enough money when others beef him

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– Shatta then advice anyone having issues with him should end it so they can both chase momey

Beef!! Beef !! Beef!! There’s one man who knows how to handle it all. Shatta Wale’s aggressive way of dealing with issues has generated him some few issues between himself and some colleague musicians.

One thing you can’t take away from him is, he will still come out on top with a large fan base behind him ready to come at anyone.

According to the man himself, he increases his financial worth anytime he grabbed headlines even during controversies but he wouldn’t like to be selfish to make money and leave his people behind.

He advised everyone having any form of issue with him to put it to bed so they can rather come together and make money.

“Enough of the beef and let’s make money ,you people beef me aaaa I take money ,now it’s time for all of us to make money together..It’s ok brothers and sisters ?✌️✌️??? #HYLYF”

His words are clear and just maybe toady will be the day any brouhaha involving Shatta Wale will come to an end.

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