Ex Information Minister Madam Victoria Hamma loses her dad


Death strikes hard again at Madam Victoria Hammah

The impact of death on human life extends beyond the fact of our individual mortality. For although human beings are individuals alone, each person also exists in relationship to others.

Individuals do not live in isolation, but instead in families and communities. In common with most mammals, human beings are communal animals; we are inherently connected.

Even the strictest of hermits depends on others for necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter from the elements, but at very least for emergency services at times of true crisis and from protection against others who might prey on them

The death of the biological father of former Information Minister Victoria Hammah is reported.

The details of his demise remains sketchy as no family member has come out with any information.

She took to social media to express her appreciation to dad who brought her up in the fear of her Indian faith.

The pretty lady asked for her Lord’s blessings on her father’s soul. She took to social media to announce the death.

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