Exploring Nomcebo Zikode’s Biography And Age Milestone.


Nomcebo Zikode’s name reminds most South Africans of the popular Jerusalem song that broke records in the music scene of South Africa and other parts of the world.

However, there is more to the mere name Nomcebo that we would like to discuss about, from her age, family, personal experience, musical career and so on.

Summary Profile Of Nomcebo.

Full name: Nomcebo Nothule Nkwanyana.

Date of Birth: 28th October, 1985.

Place of Birth: Mpumlanga, South Africa.

Age: 35 Years old.

Albums: Xola Moya Wam.

Nomcebo Nothule Nkwanyana is the official name of the popular South African singer. She was raised in Hamnersdale, KwaZulu Natal where she had her basic education and furthered to Ukusa High School.

She then pursued to Havatech College where she obtained a degree in Information Technology. After her tertiary education, Nomcebo made up her mind to proceed her career as a musician.

The Jerusalem songstress has been in the musical scene of South Africa for close to 18 years since 2003, after winning a musical talent hunt but couldn’t be recognised afterwards.

However, she languished as a backup singer for different artists, including Zahara during the production of her hit debut studio album, Loliwe.

Nomcebo Zikode was dragged to court in 2018 by her former record label, Ganyani Entertainment. Her offense was breaching her contract by performing shows and signing bookings without their consent.

She was made to pay R75,000 to Frederick Tshabalala also known as Ganyani and was banned from performing songs recorded by the label.

Nomcebo had the talent as a musician, what was left was the opportunity to clinch the limelight and that was what manifested after she turned 34 yrs in 2019.She signed a deal with Open Mic productions.

This was the deal that caused her breakthrough.In 2020, she was offered an exclusive publishing deal by Sony/ATV. The agreement related to the deal was that, her works would be covered by the team.

One evening, she had a call from Master KG who invited her to come to the studio and listen to a beat he had worked on. According to Nomcebo, she hesitated on going since it was already late in the evening. She was later convinced by Master KG and went.

This was her path to real fame and global acclamation.They started working working on the famous beat after falling in love with the beat.

Since she was already fed up with music and wanted to quit, Nomcebo was motivated to write the lyrics in accordance with her experience in life.

Jerusalema became sort of a global anthem which came with a dancing challenge being triggered by people across all works of life.She felt the fame she had craved for all her life and more than that.

Nomcebo did not just relax but made good use of her fame. She came up with hit single Xola Moya Wam which she featured Master KG.Also, she proceeded on with a debut album titled ‘Xola Moya Wam’ in 2020.

All her songs afterwards were back to back hits breaking records.

On the issue of her family affairs, Nomcebo seems to have a tight bond with her mother unlike her father.

Also, she is said to have a twin which has not been confirmed yet. However, the singer has a brother and a sister.

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