Face to face; Abena Korkor meets with Giovani Caleb on Date Rush after publicly disgracing him


-Abena Korkor named Giovanni as one of the men she slept with

Giovanni in the past denied that but the issues has gone viral making people to troll all those whose names were mentioned

Giovanni is the host of date rush and Abena Korkor is set to be a guest on date rush coming Sunday

Days ago after making some revelations about the men she has dated, Abena Korkor Addo is set to appear on Tv3’s late Sunday evening show “Date Rush”

Interestingly, one of the persons Abena Korkor mentioned as having something to do with is the host of the show.

In her talks which has gone viral, Abena Korkor listed Giovanni Elolo Caleb as one of the men who bonked her.

It has been a back and forth with most of the men denying such thing happened.

Korkor has admitted she’s a bipolar patient and that makes room for people to doubt what she says.

However, the young woman has maintained all she said in the viral video is nothing but the truth.

The said video was not the first of its kind, when she listed Giovanni as one of those she had something to do with, Giovanni rubbished that on grounds that she was having mental issues which further infuriated Abena Korkor to come up with another video.

Eventually, the two are set to meet on a stage and viewers are eagerly waiting for what will be the outcome on Sunday.


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