Fake News: No Woman Gave Birth to 10 Babies In Our Province, South African Hospital Declares


Tuesday, Viral news spread that a 37 year old Gosiame Thamara Sithole from Gauteng province, had given birth to 10 babies or decuplets at a hospital in Pretoria on Monday night.

Viral reports it’s a record breaking news because the woman with most birth had 9 while the South African had 10.

This necessitated Director-General Government Communication and Information System Phumla Williams, to issue a statement Tuesday evening stating indicating that the authorities were unable to “to verify the authenticity of this birth at our facilities, we need to verify this story and provide assistance where needed.”

The viral report has proven to be false according to the province which was named as where the woman delivered the 10 babies at.

The Gauteng Provincial Government on Wednesday stated that “none of the hospitals in the province, public and private, have any records of a South African woman giving birth to 10 babies in their facilities.”

It now unclear where the birth actually happened and if indeed the story is even true because there is no record to support the claims.

If the hospital claims are anything to go by then it’s a fake news that took over social media and went viral.

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