Father of Rastafarian Students eyes top PTA position to spearhead changes at Achimota School.


– Rastafarian Students finally steps foot into the Achimota Senior High School’s classroom today.

– The massive step towards their education is as a result of court verdict ordering the school to admit the students with their dreads on.

– Their parents are already anticipating a chance to join the Schools parents and Teachers association.

Ras Asward Nkrabea who happens to be a Father to one of the Rastafarian students in yhe Achimota School Brouhaha is already aiming at occupying top position in the school to influence a change.

Ras is the Father of Ohenaba Kwaku Nkrabea who has now been admitted in a controversial manner after he was first denied admission due to his dreadlocks.

Speaking in an interview on Prime’s Prime Morning on Thursday, June 3, he said since his child has been admitted into the School, he automatically becomes a member of the Parents and Teachers Association.

The Achimota school PTA earlier released a statement standing firmly beside the Institutions decision not to admit the Rasta boys with the feeling they may influence their mates in some bad manner.

when When asked about his plans joining the same association against the admission of his son he made it clear he wouldn’t have any challenges and will be ready to take up any vacant position to spark a change in the school.

“If there is a position to fill to make the school better, then yes, I will not hesitate to do that,” he told host Daniel Dadzie.

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