Father refuses to break mirror to rescue 1 year old daughter after he locked his keys in the car because car was brand new


The thing about parenthood: We never know what kind of kid we’re going to get. Each one of my children are beautifully different from the next and when we bring things into our house, they should model the diversity that we have in our world outside of our house as well as inside.

27 year old Sydney Deal drove his 1yr old daughter in his car, got out at his destination and left her inside, he might have also locked his keys inside the car

After a couple of minutes, he was informed that a baby was actually stuck inside his car and could be in serious danger.

He quickly ran to where he parked his car and met a large crowd, fortunately for him, he got there with minutes to spare, there was more than enough time to break the window and get the baby out.

But here’s the problem; Sydney didn’t want anyone breaking the window of his new car because he couldn’t afford to replace it. He also said the air-conditioning was on so there was not much to worry about (which was obviously a lie)

His insurance company even offered to help but he refused because of the cost. A policeman offered to call a locksmith but he also refused and decided to use the phone to call his brother instead.

After about an hour, Sydney obliged to breaking the window but it was too late, little Sayah was dead.

He was charged with child abuse and neglect resulting in serious bodily harm.

I guess his own daughter wasn’t as valuable to him as his new car. Wow!

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