Fatima and Ali wins Male and Female Most Trended Personalities respectively on Tv3’ Date Rush.


Fatima and Ali have both been awarded as the most trended persons on Date Rush in the male and female category respectively.

Viewers of Tv3 Date rush which is telecasted Sunday’s have come to love Fatima and Ali.

The humour which surrounds their appearance on the show has paid off with their award coming in.

Fatima spent weeks on the show before finally landing a date while Ali was fortunate to get hooked with a date amidst some controversy here and there.

The award slated for this evening July 4th 2021 has seen some of the contestants receiving awards in various categories.

Date rush is mean to connect two adults to be in relationship but judging from the serious and turns on the show, some viewers have said if indeed it’s for real or scripted.

Notwithstanding, it’s undoubtedly the most views tv program on Sundays in the country

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