Fight against Covid-19 has not ended; let’s continue adhering to protocols – Pharmacist warns

Ghanaian Pharmacist, Dr. Kwame Sarpong-Asiedu has warned the public against holding onto the belief that the fight against COVID-19 has ended.

He fears for the worst if Ghanaians continue to be complacent because the country’s active case count appears to be falling.

Referencing data from the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, the Pharmacist said that over 80% of positive cases in the continent have not been identified.

“Their research suggests that only 14.2% of all the cases have ever been identified and over 82% of our cases are not identified. Of the 8 million cases that are reported in Africa, our caseload looks cumulatively around 59 million. Ghana is not an exception,” Dr. Sarpong-Asiedu said on the AM Show.

Although many people in the continent are not showing symptoms of contracting the virus, the Pharmacist says that it is worrying that Ghanaians are being complacent.

Various African countries, including Ghana, have been vaccinating their citizens.

However, there are records of some vaccinated people testing positive for the disease.

Commenting on this, Dr. Sarpong-Asiedu stressed that the vaccines are not 100% efficient.

He added that the continent was far from attaining head immunity, hence, the need for Ghanaians to continue strict adherence to COVID protocols.

“There is nothing strange about what’s happening here…Africa is not near head immunity and that is why we should be concerned. That is why I find the complacency among Ghanaians quite disturbing,” he added.

Whilst he believes that more local research must be done to understand the virus better, he questioned the government’s commitment to such activities.

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