Fight Breaks Out At African Union Parliament Meetings


Heavy fighting breaks out amongst representatives at the Pan African Parliament

African representatives at the Pan African Parliament engaged in a serious physical confrontation. It seems there is no guarantee of a peaceful engagement, as the house is now expected to meet for another round to finish its business of electing a new leadership structure.

The house attracted regional and international attention, after fighting broke out among law representatives who were at  the epicenter of chaos in the parliament, fighting for rational leadership.

The fighting broke out after the anglophone countries indicated they were not prepared to be bullied by the Francophone members, adding that they are not taking orders from their government.

On whether the parliament will be peaceful next time it sits, there has never been any guarantee especially if there may arise an attempt to hijack the process.

Of course, there are so many ways of preventing discord, the only way is for the African Union to get things right at the pan African Parliament. If this issue of rotation is not addressed, definitely there will still be a  fight for it.

If elected individuals who are considered to be leaders of the nation behave like a wild and Savage, what will the international community expect from the rest.?
Its truly uncalled for and most worrisome incident for Africans especially those people who were not selected by Chief, king or UN, but elected by the citizens as their representatives.

You can watch the video below

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