Five animals that can live after death



Cockroaches can survive for about 2 weeks when their heads are decapitated or cut off. Unlike a human being who bleed when his head is chopped off, Cockroaches don’t have that problem. They have an open circulatory system, which translates to little to no blood pressure. So, if their head’s lopped off, the wound just closes naturally due to clotting. When touched their legs and antenna still move.


Bees are know for the sweet honey they produce but do you know that bees still have little life in them when they die. Dead bees can still sting and this makes them living dead. This occur due to a simple physiology of bees, these actions are not controlled by the bee’s simple brain, but rather by involuntary impulses.

3)Female Flies

Female flies can live for several days after they have been decapitated or their heads chopped off. They can do and engage in reflex actions such as flying and walking.


Snakes are feared by many across the world. One will think dat the best way to kill a snake is by getting rid of its head so it doesn’t get to bite you. But do you know that a decapitated or chopped off head of a snake can still take a poisonous bite. This is because Snakes detect heat with its head and if you are close enough to the head of the snake that has been cut off, it can still sting you and deliver deadly venoms that can kill you. 

5)Flat worm

Flat worms are amazing regenerators, they can rebuild any part of their bodies when cut off. If one is cut in half the then the head portion grows a tail and the tail portion grows a head. Cut it into 20 places and 20 new worms are created as a perfect replica of the original.


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