Fix the Country Should be Continuous- Stonebwoy


Stonebwoy has added his voice to issues around Fix The Country and by the “Run Go” hitmaker’s view the fix the country movement shouldn’t just be limited to a single era.

Speaking in the matter Stonebwoy said from the time of Kwame Nkrumah through to that of Jerry Rawlings things hasn’t been smooth.

He added that as much as Fix The Country is pressing, Ghanaians must also come to terms that our demands may not be met immediately.

Notwithstanding, he believes it’s a good call that people are calling on leaders to transform the country.

Issues around fixing the country has been divided on political grounds even though the Conveners believes their demands are not attached to any political colours but issues of National interest.

The request to demonstrate has been crashed by The Police service.

Still in stories relating to Fix the country, Stonebwoy added his voice to the killing that of occurred at Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

His post states nobody should die in the manner Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka died including the two others who were shot on the day of the burial of Kaaka by military officers.

Stonebwoy has since then released a song which touches on issues of development and oppressing that African countries have seen over the period.

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