Former Athletics Champion Peirresha Shakes-Drayton Gives Her Reaction After Tasting “Gari Soakings” For The First Time


A video of British Born Former track and field athlete Peirresha Alexandra Shakes-Drayton tasting Gari for the first time has Surfaced online.

In the said video, Peirresha was seen giving her verdict after consuming the food which is widely consumed in the West African region of Africa.

She quickly said, it does not taste any different aside the sweetener which was added to it.

Asking who Peirresha Alexandra Shakes-Drayton?

Well, she is a British retired track and field athlete.

After specialising in the 400 metres hurdles in the early part of her career, a knee injury at the 2013 World Championships forced Shakes-Drayton to concentrate on the 400 metres on her return to athletics

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