From Minister of Communication in Afghanistan to bicycle food delivery man in Germany


Unless you’re dead, you haven’t failed. Personally I managed to overcome my own personal challenges through a very singular focus on self improvement. What do you want to do with your life? What makes you happy regardless of whether there is any money involved?

Take an hour out of your day and do something that makes you happy. Use this time to create something and further your potential. Creating this discipline and consistency is key to success. You deserve to be successful and happy just like anyone else out there. Change your narrative from “what if” to “I will” and magical things will happen in your life.

“Just because you’ve been a minister doesn’t mean you have to stay out of work and do nothing.” – Sayed Sadaat, an Afghan.

Here is the surprising journey of an exile who was held a prominent position as a politician in Afghanistan but had to do what is needed to become fruitful.

After the announcement of the future withdrawal of American troops from his country, he decides in December 2020 to travel to Germany and settles in the city of Leipzig where he becomes a bicycle meal delivery boy. 

A sudden life change that the 49-year-old ex-minister doesn’t seem to regret: “I encourage all other politicians to work after they retire.  They should take part in the community, like normal people ”.

A graduate in computer science and telecommunications, Sayed Sadaat hopes to find a job in this field but must, in parallel with his deliveries, take German courses.  Which he does, 4 hours a day before starting his 6 hour delivery.

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