Fun Facts About Shane Eagle’s Love Story With Girlfriend Nicole Swartz.


Shane Eagle is a South African rapper and one of the finest celebrities with outstanding looks that makes him become a celebrity crush of most ladies.

The 24-year-old rapper has been serving a romantic relationship goals with his girlfriend Nicole Swartz. They have been in a relationship since childhood till now.

Here Is How Long Shane And His Babe Have Been Dating.

Shane Eagle was born on 7th July, 1996 and is 24 years now.

He met his girlfriend, Nicole Swartz at age 13 when he was in high school.

This inscribes how loyal they have been to each other especially on the side of Shane being a celebrity who encounters with beautiful ladies mostly.

Thus beating the stereotype that, rappers and celebrities are unable to stay with one woman.

Unlike most celebrity couples who even goes to the extent of getting married and yet still divorce, Shane Eagle and Nicole Swartz are living an examplary life as couples for others to learn.

Shane And Nicole Celebrated Their 10th Anniversary In Grand Style.

The year 2019 was when Shane Eagle and Nicole Swartz hit a decade since they started dating.

The beautiful couple celebrated in an amazing photos on twitter.

Shane uploaded pictures of himself and Nicole looking all loved up in Asian clothing.

“Been with you since 13. For those of you wondering if love is real It is. Happy birthday angel Oh and I’m Ryu and she Chun – Li.” He captioned.

The Criticism From Fans To The Lovebirds For Not Getting Married.

Despite the fact that most fans celebrate the rapper and his longtime girlfriend for proving true love, others also criticize them for showing no interest in making their union official.

However, everything about their relationship is enough prove that they are definitely going to get married.

Also, considering their age, one would suggest them to be young and should not worry about getting married sooner.

Shane Eagle Came From A Broken Home.

The family background of the talented rapper in terms of wealth was rated below belt as a result of broken home.

His parents got divorced when he was five years and was raised by a single father.

Shane started getting attention after high school when he signed up for the Vuzu rapping competition. He emerged as the second runner-up in the competition.

Thereafter, he came up with hot bangers and EP’s in 2015.

In 2017, Shane dropped his debut album “Yellow”, which became a major hit for him.

Shane Eagle have had a successful career so far, just like his relationship with Nicole Swartz.

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