Funny Face post WhatsApp chats with his baby mama over issues of being in his kids lives


Funnyface is still trying hard to reach his children and it seems his babymama, Vanessa, does not want him anywhere close to the children.

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Over the past few years, Funnyface has on multiple occasions given the public notice on his issues with his babymama. Vanessa has refused to let him see his kids or talk to them no matter what he does. He has called on people to help him reach his kids but Vanessa is not cooperating.

In a new post, Funnyface has shared a screenshot of WhatsApp messages he has sent to Vanessa asking to speak to his four kids but she has replied to none. He also sent a screenshot of his call log to Vanessa and in a forwarded message, Vanessa td someone she was not home, meaning, Funnyface will not be able to see his kids since she is not home.

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After the screenshot of his call log, he went on to rant in a long message about how the lady is treating him and pleaded with her to allow him be in the kids life else he may lose his mind and end up in the psychiatric hospital agae.

He revealed after he was released from jail, he manages to send the children monthly stipend of ¢1,100 yet still, Vanessa is not moved and shows no sympathy, especially since he is not working.

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In his message, he said whenever he calls in an attempt to speak to his kids, Vanessa either blocks him or hungs up and the recent one happened on May 21 which was the birthday of his twins. He said tried to reach out to the kids to wish them a happy birthday but Vanessa did not let that happen.

See his post below.

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