Generous Act;Pure Water Seller Who Gave Birth To Hole-In-Heart Son Gets $9000 Support


Pure Water Seller Zenabu Labelled “Bad Luck” For Giving Birth To Hole In Heart Son

Her Son Masawudu Is To Undergo Heart Surgery

Nine Thousand Dollars Donated To Her

The holy book says there is more blessings in giving than receiving. Today crime check foundation has magnanimously contributed to this helpless woman Zenabu.

The outfit has been able to generate $9000 for the mother of Masawudu to cater for her hole in heart son. Madam Zenabu was abandoned by her husband upon realizing she has given birth to a deformed child.

The husband not pleased with the wife called her names and even labelled her as a bad luck, one who brings bad omen.


“Five good reasons for practising generosity as a first priority in doing good deeds:

1) Generosity helps to purify the mind.

2) Generosity is a splendid means that leads to escaping the cycle of existence.

3) Generosity is the first step on the path that leads to abundance.

4) Generosity is the first step on the stairway to heaven.

5) Generosity is like the provision that you can take with you wherever you go.”

Crime check foundation generous deed will go a long way to sustain and save the life of little Masawudu who is expected to undergo heart surgery. They are however grateful to all donors for contributing.

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