Gentleman visit his late father’s grave to say Thank You to him ahead of his graduation from the Universityn


A Zambian international ‘Chama Kings Meansa’ is due to graduate from the University of Zambia this coming Friday and went to inform his late father about it.

His journey seems to be a tough one without the presence of his father, yes Missing a hardworking father in your educational life when you really need a financial support is definitely going to hit you badly.

In a Facebook post Chama dropped a teary picture of himself in the cemetery to visit his father’s grave whom he revealed passed away about six years ago. The purpose of his visit is to inform his late father he made it out of the University and to say a special Thank You to him.

“I just came over to let you that m graduating next week Friday with a credit and it’s not been easy, yet through His mercies, it is finished. It is barely six years now since you departed from us yet the pain inside our hearts is like yesterday’s event,”.

“I never thought I would come this far, never even crossed my mind that one day I would be in the university, but here I am father standing on the same spot I stood six years ago testifying that the Mercies of the Lord endure forever,”

“Dad, the boy you left is now a man and also an Unza graduate. Hence, I just came here to say #, thankyou papa,” concluded Mwansa.” He wrote as a message to his late father

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