Ghana Armed Forces begins second face of Operation with 400 armed men to Halt illegal Miners on Pra River


The Ministry of Information has released a statement detailing Government’s next action in dealing with the current crisis of illegal mining in the country, locally termed as Galamsey.

The statement signed by the Minister of information Hon. Oppong Kojo Nkrumah indicates 400 security personnels from the Ghana armed forces will be storming the Pra River in the Asante Akim South District.

“The Ghana Armed Forces has commenced a second phase of Operation Halt II aimed at removing all persons and logistics involved in mining on water bodies.

The new Phase of the operation focuses on the tributaries of the Pra River which have also been significantly affected by the activities of Illegal miners. The Ghana armed Forces has commenced armed patrols of the Pra River itself.

The Operation is being undertaken by four Hundred (400 ) men all ranks. the public is advised to stay away from mining in water bodies to avoid any action by the force.” The Statement reads


One of the major problems The current government promised to fixed when they win power prior to the 2016 election is to protect the country’s water bodies from illegal miners, sadly it looks like they are kissing goodbye to fulfilling such huge promise.

The current states of most water bodies where the activity goes on is very heartbreaking and finally they are taking another bold step in attempting to halt the illegal operations and this time with the involvement of heavy security personnels from the Ghana Armed Forces.

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