Ghana Man reportedly wedded by another Man in Germany


A viral video on the internet suggest a gay couple in Germany getting married of which one is a man with Ghanaian origin.

The talks about the video is not about the marriage since that seem to be the new normal trend in Europe and America now, the issue has to do with one of the men getting married who is believed from Ghana a country who is making moves to criminalize homosexuality.

Commentaries online suggest the black guy is a Ghanaian who is thus getting married to the Caucasian believed to be a German.

Dressed in a white suit with flower, the man and his partner walked out of a building to take pictures with friends who came to witness their wedding.

Some voices from the video was asking in Fante what another person was doing with a bag at a time pictures are about to be taken.

That perhaps gave a clue that those getting married have Ghanaian origin.

This is coming at a time Ghana through parliament is taking Giant steps to criminalize homosexuality.

The whole issue have been hot in the last few days with those against suggesting there are far more pressing issues to deal with.

The Anti Gay Bill has been submitted to parliament and sooner it will be debated in the house.

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