Ghana Pentecost leaders are the most hypocritical, all they know to do is to grow bushy hair – Kevin Taylor descends on Pentecostal churches


It was once criminal in the UK where President Nana Addo spent part of his young adult life. He said homosexual activities were criminal but as forces in favour of it’s practise grew, it became acceptable by much of Western countries.

Gay communities have become very powerful around the world commanding both economic and political power. Very influential personalities have declared that they are gays, gay right activists, acceptors of gay practices etc.

It is as though the whole world must be initiated into homosexuality. Advance nations are using their economic positions to bully poor nations to accept gay practice for AID. Many Ghanaians can not recall the position of President Rawlings on this issue if it did come before him but I do remember the unambiguous positions of President Kufour, President Mills and President Mahama.

President Kufour presidency declined a request of gays and gay rights activists to hold a conference in Ghana. President Mills didn’t mince words when he shoved off the threat of former UK Prime Minister David Cameron with straight rejection of the latter’s gay right for AID threat. President Mills said Ghana would never legalise homosexuality because it is against our values as a people.

President Mahama was straight forward  with his response to accepting the rights of homosexuals in Ghana. His says the practise is alien to all religious belief of Ghanaians therefore, it can not be accepted. However, President Nana Addo in an interview on Aljazeera’s Talk to Aljazeera show indicated that homosexual right is bound to happen in Ghana. He said that when the forces in favour of the practise grow, there would be no longer objection but to legalize it.

Kevin Taylor, Ghana’s videoblogger and a member of the NPP has come out to lambast the clergy and said it openly that they are hypocrites. He used some unprintable words on the revered men of God.

Speaking on his “with all due respect” program he opined ” Do you know those who contributed to your fund raising in America got their monies from. Many of them are gays and you are all hypocrites to have signatures for what”.?

“Where were you when people were shot in the streets during elections? Did you speak up? You should have spoken and what is the difference between someone who is corrupt and gaysim.”


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