Ghanaian Businessman Exposes Fellow Ghanaian Who Attempts To Smuggle Heavy Weapons Into The Country


Guns Concealed In Container Exposed

The proliferation of arms within the west African sub region comes as no surprise to many including security analysts considering the numerous conflicts that has occurred within this part of the continent.

West Africa has become a hub for arms trafficking which is used by insurgents to perpetrate terrorism attacks.It is much too easy to acquire a gun either locally manufactured or foreign made in Ghana and this has led to the increment of crime in recent times.

A Ghanian businessman based in Turkey has revealed that a container with arms concealed in it was to be shipped to Ghana. He made the revelation in a video and entreated the Ghanaian embassy in Turkey to investigate the matter.

He however alleged that a similar consignment was also intercepted.

Many citizens are concerned and worried about the recent spate of crime in the country.

How well have you monitored this dealer, his books or records on how he sold out his past wares?

 Should we not be worried if there is high demand for weapons in a country of 25million citizens, largely youthful?

WHO is this dealer and WHERE is his shop, we don’t want to believe the fellow sells from the comfort of under his bed in his bedroom?

There must be an assurance that this boxes found to be packed with loads of ammunition is nothing to worry about because the owner has all the requisite permits to engage in that.

At a time when tensions appear high, what at all could have triggered a perceived high demand for weapons that a dealer would want to ship in an entire container.

Is this the first time weapons of such quantity are being shipped in by a single dealer, if not why then was an alarm raised about this? This and many more questions need answers from the authorities.

You can watch the video below

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