Ghanaians are disappointed in the new patriotic party; Captain smart declares


GOVERNANCE is all about love for people and determination to improve their lot and make them happy and more prosperous. Democracy is not a decoration but a means of solving problems.

It seems the admirers of then opposition NPP party now in power have become frustrated to such an extent that today, they post much negativity about them

The supporters of this party believe that Nana has indeed done well, although all things hasn’t been the best as they want it yet he has been able to execute 80% of his promises.
Immediately he took over office he Brought free SHS as he promised Ghanaians, there were a lot of parents who couldn’t afford sending their children to senior high school.

He promised 1 District 1 factory and 60% of the the factories has been completed and are working, he promised one village one dam and most of them have been done, he promised 1 constituency 1 ambulance and he has delivered.

He promised the right to information Bill and it has been done, he promised to stabilise the economy and give us single digit inflation which he has done, He managed covid very well whiles 1st World countries, the mighty ones were struggling.

There are many they can’t mention
Although there have been alot of challenges yet he has done some good things which needs to be praised and talked about.

Critical observers of this Nana led NPP administration have indicated that the president was perceived to be one who could turn around things judging from his speeches, but the irony is that his administration is not the best.

Corruption fight was reduced to evidence search even when he has blamed the previous for taking that posture.
History is the best judge.

Fast forward, Captain Smart a staunch supporter of the government has posited clearly that Ghanaians are disappointed in the government.

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