Ghanaians are Likely to Be Slaves In 10 years from Now- Hassan Ayariga


Founder and leader of All People’s Congress; Hassan Ayariga has said if something drastic is not done, Ghanaian Children would be slaves to white folks in Ghana in the next 10 years.

In his recent interview, Mr Ayariga who contested as a Presidential candidate in the 2020 Election on the ticket of his party APC said Ghana has allowed Foreigners to overly takeover every aspect of the economy which spell doom for the country’s future.

He said From retail to even security foreigners have taken over, buying lands and pushing indigenous Ghanaians out of business.

He singled out how Chinese are investing in Africa with they even taking over security in some Africa countries. He said these are all strategic means China is taking together with the western countries to re colonize AfricaZ

Mr. Ayariga bemoans that, should situations remains the same, he would not be surprise to see a “white man” as president of Ghana in the next 10 years because they have successfully infiltrated everywhere.

He added situations are that bad to the extent that even at the Presidency, when a Ghanaian and a foreigner books an appointment to see the President no matter how urgent the request of the Ghanaian is, he will be made to wait till all white folks meet the President before him or her.

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