Ghanaians in Spain pull off in their numbers to demonstrate on #Fixthecountry.


-Concerned Ghanaians living in Spain takes to the Spanish street as they demonstrate on the Fix the country.

‘Fix the country’, a popular phrase that once took over the trends on social media and is still trending even as at now.

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It was discovered by a young Ghanaian twitter influencer Kalyjay, at the moment where social crisis dominated in Ghana.

As a result, most Ghanaians decided to embark on a demonstration to call on the government to fix the country, but was prevented due to the Covid-19 protocols.

However, the protest has finally been endorsed by the Supreme court after the Accra high court boycotted the demonstration.

Before the “FixTheCountry” protest even start in Ghana, Ghanaians in Spain have taken the lead with the demonstration as photos of the protest goes viral on twitter.

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