Ghanaians storm twitter with the hashtag “Fix the country”. Here is why it is trending number 1,


Netizens in Ghana has taken over twitter’s trending stories as they call out on government to fix the country.

The hardships in Ghana these days is devastating as prices of goods and services are been increased every now and then due to high tariffs imposed by the government.

Another major cause of the trend on twitter is how illegal mining, also termed as ‘Galamsey’ is deteriorating our water bodies leading to shortage of water in some parts of the Greater Accra region.

These rising poor economy which seems to be a threat on the country’s growth in some years to come has made netizens and other media uses their platforms to create awareness and criticize the ruling government.

As a result, a hashtag “Fix the country”, has been created on twitter as thousands of Ghanaians has joined the popular tag making it a number one trend on twitter.

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