Ghana’s constitution is rubbish, I pray thunder strikes both NPP and NDC


Captain Smart has indicated the whole problem of Ghana is the constitution which is rubbish

Captain Smart slammed the two main political parties for engaging in unfruitful activities which will affect the nation very much.

The journalist speaking live on his smart TV show also lamented that Ghana’s prime problem is the constitution which has given special privileges to politicians and neglected the ordinary citizen.

He described the constitution as rubbish and also touched on a couple of issues. The anti corruption campaigner posited ” the commission of inquiries set up to investigate the Ejura killings will amount to nothing.

Vigilante groups attached to the various political parties have fix into the security services and I never knew military senior officers are such cowards who don’t speak because of politics.

The way and manner recruits who passed out recently were handling their guns even seemed to suggest that they are NPP vigilantes. They are not properly trained.

Both NPP and NDC have 2000 Police and military personnel currently in the services. We have made a mistake by voting for NPP and NDC. Never let us repeat that mistake of ever bringing them into power.

If you bring NDC into power, they will also recruit their hawks and bulldogs vigilantes. I will never let the youth down, I will always be there for you.”

You can watch the video below

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