“Ghana’s Education system develops only one side of the brain to chew and reproduce but not to be creative” Speaker Bagbin Laments


Speaker of Parliament, SK Alban Bagbin is highly worried about how Ghana’s Education system is not teaching students any form of creativity.

He express concerns about the whole system with which believes currently only focus on one part of our brain which is the memory being used to accumulate what ever is being taught in class and pour out when a question pops up.

Speaker of Parliament: Alban Bagbin

Talking about the way forward, he advise the need to restructure a system that will teach students to be creative to come up with our own ideas to solve our problems.

Unfortunately, our education system is not good because we mostly develop one side of our brain which is the memory. So what they teach is what you chew, accumulate and accommodate.

So when they ask you a question you try to reproduce that. Our education system doesn’t teach many to be creative to come up with our own ideas” the Speaker said

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