Girls should also learn to stop saying He used me instead of we use ourselves – Guys reply Kafui Danku


Ghanaian social media users will definitely not disappoint you when it comes to debating on certain topics as some guys have taken some opportunity to educate Kafui Danku on her advice to men.

The actress in a long Facebook note caution men to stop taking Consensual sex as sole which has led to many guys bragging about their sexual engagement with a lady with their popular term “I chop am”.

According to her since the sexual activity is not a rape, it’s its a clear indication the lady also enjoyed it hence the need to say we Chop Ourselves instead of the normal l chop her that some men use.

Reacting to her education in our comments section, guys were quick to counter her, insisting ladies are also fond of saying they were used by guys even after a consensual sex and if Kafui’s advice should be considered then same ladies will also have to understand they were both used.

“They should also learn to stop saying He used me, instead of saying we used ourselves” a gentleman with the usernames Innocent Kuatsikor wrote.

“Ladies should also normalise ” we used ourselves than ” he used me” another user Bhrah Qweku also noted

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