Go to Hell With Your Threat, The Truth is Bigger Than Anyone- Twene Jonas Calls The Bluff of the Muslims declaring him wanted


-Jonas was declared wanted on social media by some Muslims who believe he spoke against Prophet Muhammed

-He called their bluff saying he’s taking no prisoners with his harsh criticism.

Twene Jonas has Brutally reacted to claims that he has been declared wanted by some Muslims for allegedly speaking against Prophet Muhammed.

In his latest video, Twene Jonas said not until Ghana develops all religions can go to hell for he is taking no prisoners in his criticism.

He edged his followers not to be swayed by naysayers because he is up for the truth and the truth is the only thing that can defeat lies.

He made reference to how badly Arabians in Saudi Arabia are treating some Ghanaians and other nationals there and questioned if such age attributes of Islam.

He was quick to say that, Muslim are generally peaceful and calm people but when they are wrong he will speak in the plain language like he’s known for.

A post making round for days now was declaring Twene Jonas wanted by some Muslim.

Recall that this is however not the first of it kind as some Akans in America also declared him wanted weeks ago after they alleged he insulted Otumfuo the king of Asante Kingdom.

Below is Twene Jonas’ reaction to the matter.

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