Guests served Amala and soup at a wedding ceremony in Texas (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media shows some guests at a wedding ceremony in Texas, United States being served Amala and soup.

A woman could be seen sitting and dishing the Amala from big party pots to the wedding guests who seemed impatient.

They all crowded the woman holding plates in their hands while impatiently waiting for her to serve each of them.

A Twitter user shared the video from Instagram page Amala Zone with the caption; ‘‘Lmao! Can’t believe this is from a wedding abroad.”

Watch video: [Note: You may need your VPN turned on to view Twitter video if you are resident in Nigeria]

Read some comments below..

@sheyi06; nigerian food is expensive in the abroad …one wrap of amala and soup with two meat you looking at about £15

@thelightyou; The saliva inside that pot can cook another pot

@Fels77; I’m fascinated by how these women handle these foods while dressed to the nines with no apron on. Super confident.

@jameswi00155061; All i see here is that .. Girls too like food .. TF??

@MensahEstherOmo; Amala, ewedu n stew wey de here plenty

@IzzyBecky; Your cloth will catch fire ooo


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