Gulder Ultimate Search: Double Eviction, Mfon’s Death Threat to Estima, More from Last Night Episode [VIDEO]


Two contestants of the 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), have been evicted from the survival reality show.

Living in the jungle with limited supplies can be tricky, and it took a toll on the contestants as Esitima and Mfon exchanged harsh words over a pair of sandals.

The sandals given to the contestants are similar, and a mix up is bound to happen as someone wears another person’s pair. This was what occurred as Mfon wore Esitima’s sandals. But when Esitima asked for her shoes, that’s when things took a downward turn.

For someone who was in the wrong, Mfon got too aggressive at that moment. He began name-calling Esitima and even went as far as issuing death threats. The other contestants did not find this funny.

Damilola, busy in the kitchen, had to pause his work when he heard the words Mikel said. Mikel told Esitima that “she couldn’t dare talk to him that way outside the show” and “she should watch her back.”

Mfon, on the other hand, felt Esitima was ranting and spoke to him rudely. He said that he had noticed she was “uncultured and disrespectful” and had been trying to annoy him.

 He said that he let his anger get the best of him and shouldn’t have reacted that way.

Evening came and the contestants gathered at the place of the talking drum, where they met the anchor of the show, Toke Makinwa.

 She congratulated the winners of the day’s task and addressed the issue between Mfon and Estima.

After hearing from both parties, Toke Makinwa disqualified Mfon for gross misconduct after he issued a death threat to Estima.

The task master, Kunle Remi, had earlier told the contestants that the group with the least performance will be losing a member at the talking drum. For the eviction process, they were given a task.

After being part of the losing team, Gerald Odeka was thereafter evicted on Sunday – leaving 15 contestants remaining in the race for the show’s N50 million grand prize.

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