Guy threaten to quit his job and go into sports betting just for a chance to watch live matches because his boss prefers watching Telemundo to Football at work


A gentleman is making plans to quit his current job not because his salary is not enough or as if he does not like his kind of job but simply because he does not have the chance to watch live football matches at work.

One of the things that most guys just can’t turn their attention off is Football, one may ask how is it even interesting to them. Hey this sports is pure magic as l am a victim.

The 90 minutes drama on the pitch, The rivalry, the debates and the crazy reactions to stoppage time goals being it an equalizer or a winning goal is why you must be present during a live match.

Unfortunately an unknown guy isn’t enjoying his love for football because his boss at work isn’t a fan of the sports which makes him changes the TV channels from sports stations to his preferred entertainment show Telemundo.

He is surely tired of not getting what he wants at work and has already made up his mind to move on from his work. However his next move is the most hilarious job quitting plans you might have come across in your entire life.

Communicating his idea through a leaked WhatsApp chat to his friend who is a fan of Italian side Juventus, the said guy reveals he intend basing at Bet Centre where he will have access to football matches 24/7. Thinking about his monthly salary aswell, he again reveal his intention to engage into betting as a job just like he wakes up and goes to work everyday with the believe he can make the exact amount he is paid at work.

Checkout the leaked chat below

Chat between a guy and his friend
chat between a guy and his friend
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