Heartbroken moment Eno Barony reveal she shed tears every mother’s day when people flaunt their mothers


Ghanaian Female Rap sensation, Eno Barony has dedicated a song to all mothers out there and also reveal how she feels when it’s mother’s day.

Today, May 9 is Ghana’s very own edition of Mother’s day Celebration aimed at celebrating all women who went through everything possible to give birth and raise responsible children.

The occasion sees everyone displaying their mothers on various social media platforms except for those who lost theirs without even a picture of them to have a look at.

Unfortunately, Eno Barony also lost her mother and she sadly revealed she is left in tears every year when the occasion approaches because that reminds her of her late mum which she also wish to display via her social media handles.

According to her, she looks to be comforted with the fact she’s been able to hit the studio a record a song to appreciate every mother’s effort.

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