Heavy Slapping Combat Sports Between These Two Females Shows Money Is The Root Of All Evil


The bible has said that the love of money is the root of all evil and this statement is very true considering the great length humanity has to go in search of money.

People resort to all manner of schemes and in recent times combat sports too has developed some strange games. This one involves heavy slapping.

Two contestants from different camps represent with each willing to win. The winner will be declared by judges who determines whose slap was healthy enough to cause Damage to his or her opponent.

These Ladies test each others strength through the arms. The slap is too Strong, nevertheless one will have to endure the pain through the period.

This Game is Not for Entertainment it’s Hurting or Damaging the important parts of our Body And must be banned. The lady on the left appears muscular hence his slaps against the tiny opponent is much stronger.

Four slaps from each of them ended the bout. The judges declare the lady from the black camp as the winner. From all indications the lady on the right would have to seek medical care.

You can watch the video below

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