Here’s the 13 years old born with 7 inch tail in India worshipped as a reincarnated god


In India, a mystic status or strange person is highly revered and worshipped. A deformed person is considered god and his position is considered superior to a god as he or she teaches us the values of leading a good life.

In earlier times, the princes and princesses used to go and stay with their mystics at their ashrams and gurukuls to gain knowledge and wisdom from them. When their learning officially ends, they were supposed to offer ‘gurudakshina’ to their gurus which could be anything that the mystics asked for.

Baladgyi, a 13 years old boy born with a tail is highly revered and worshipped as a God. Many come to him to seek for blessings. According to his parents, the young man was born with this condition which many rather see it as God’s blessing. Indian is a highly religious country and they tend to worship anything and anybody born differently.

Others also see it as Child exploitation at its finest, all in the name of ‘religion.’ And for the kid to come out with the exact same response as his grandfather, you can tell the poor boy is being coached hope as he gets older he’s able to free himself from his grandfather’s care and live a normal life.

Religion extremism truly blinds and is a constraint in the progress of humanity. Worshipping a poor boy with a weird tail caused by mere Gene mutation and can be discontinued from transcending to his next generation, using Gene editing/sequencing, though not yet approved.

Religion is limiting, one the factors that impede advancement and progress of mankind.
Don’t worship anything against living God, that boy is also the creation of God only.

People with a feeble minded always in the habits of believing something without knowing something exactly. This kind of believing leads some people into vain religious sector. So don’t believe unnecessarily he is only if you want to worship, worship the living God with your whole heartedly and spiritually.

You can watch the video below

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