Here’s the alleged lady sidechic of Kaninja that has ended the marriage between Xandy and his husband: she is pretty though


Marriage is not for infants but matured minds. You go to the Altar to exchange vows and end up cheating on your partners with side Guys and girls. Anyone who allows his or her body to be used by a married man or woman is a moron!  Didn’t they see you before they went ahead to marry them?

Some people showcase fake love on social media to impress. Marriage is a serious business and for the matured mind ready to endure and overlooked certain things.

Social media kept debating about the shaking Marriage between Angel TV Presenters Xandy Kamel and King Kaninja. It was rumoured that their Marriage has hit the rocks over alleged cheating. 

Many treated the rumour as one of the fake circulating gossips until Xandy Kamel personally came out yesterday to Confirm.

Xandy Kamel outlined her strategy of snatching a married man who is not being catered for by his wife. Fast Forward, It has been replicated to her in equal measure. A lady has snatched her husband in less than a year of marriage. In life, something’s are better left unsaid. The Human tongue is very powerful.

The lady who is been accused of husband snatching and causing infidelity with a married man’s identity has been revealed. She is believed to be an ex girlfriend of the gentleman and seriously in a renewed relationship. She goes by the name, Anna Boatemaa and she is a presenter as well.

Kaninja, a sports host is currently married to Xandy but what is happening is troubling.

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