Here’s the world’s most dangerous kid who did the unthinkable; more details


Crime has no color and it is perceived to be carried out by adults since kids are mostly naive and oblivious of what is happening around them. It may sound a little bizarre and baffling for a young boy to be tagged as the youngest kid to tried as an adult with first degree murder.

Cristian Fernandez, gruesomely murdered his two years old half brother in 2011 and he accepted the sentence handed down to him as a juvenile to commit homicide and extreme violence.

This is the first time in the history of Jacksonville, a community in the States that a teen has been convicted on the offence of first degree murder.

The eccentric young boy, wickedly molested David Galarraga, his half brother, who passed on just within two days after being admitted at the hospital.

The mother hurriedly sent the ailing baby to check his health upon realising the pain he was going through. The pain was excruciating and so intense such that Doctors couldn’t do much to prevent his death.

The incident took place after the mom callously left the baby to the care of Christian and she herself was charged with negligence.

His lawyers supervised by his state attorney Melissa Nelson pleaded with the court to temper Justice with mercy because he is a minor and the judge consented to his request hence, he was sent to juvenile detention center.

Prosecutors on the day of the trial narrated how Christian tortured his little brother until he fell into coma. His head and face was covered with bruises because a bookcase was used to hit him several times.

It was however, discovered that Christian from his infancy was molested by his grandmother who abused drugs, a cousin who often beats him and a stepfather, who assaulted him.

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