How a Deaconess smartly stopped her son from schooling abroad after he said he no longer believes in God

A man has narrated the way a Nigerian mother reacted after her son who was schooling abroad revealed that he’s become an atheist.

According to the narrator, his cousin was schooling in Italy, and when he reached his 2nd year in the university, he opened up to his mum that he has embraced atheism.

The mum, who is a Deaconess acted calmly as if she had no objection and waited for him to come back to Nigeria.

However, the young man never went back to Italy because she started schooling in Nigeria and graduated from Kaduna Polytechnic.

The Twitter user wrote;

”My cousin went to school in Italy, told his parents in his 2nd year that he had become an atheist.

His deaconess mum kept cool, asked him to come home for d holidays. He finished in Kaduna polytechnic.

His church wedding is in January. For every ment, there is a counter ment”

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