How about praying for our leaders to help children who school under trees -Kwame A plus asks


Asare Obeng, a former musician, and politician popularly known in Ghana by the name Kwame A plus goes after the chairman of the board of trustees for the national cathedral Professor Opoku Onyinah.

During an interview at Joy FM, the chairman passed a comment that “we do not have to speak against our leaders or insult them because we do not agree with them on something. So I always pray that God forgives the critiques of the national cathedral “

This comment got quite an amount of backlash from Ghanaians. Many alleged he’s getting a tip from the project which is why he sees nothing wrong with the issue of the cathedral. A plus was one of the critiques of the chairman . This is what he had to say.

” As a man of God, I rather expect you to pray for our leaders who spent 12 million cedis to purchase tree ? seedlings ? but asked for 100 cedis a month’s donations to build a cathedral? Common sense should tell you that, but for “create loot and share,” any sensible leader will ask Ghanaians to purchase a tree for ten cedis and plant ? it. But because somebody had to chop some money, at that point, donations were not important.

What about praying for leaders who spent 25 million dollars to demolish newly built buildings, just to build a house for a sky daddy who gave us land in abundance and at lease some common sense to know that, even if they are bent on building a cathedral in Accra, they could build it outside Ridge to serve as a catalyst to expedite development in another area in the capital?

And finally, What about praying to God to burn all those who have brought hardship upon your own church members who are poor, sick and dying preventable deaths due to bad healthcare system in hell fire ?

If Jesus met you here on earth, like I swear, you go chop slap and insult like he did to the Pharisees and those who were selling in the synagogue.

Papa sɔfo, I’m not making anything up. Read Matthew chapter 23 ??. Please pray to God to forgive me if I insulted anyone in this write-up. At least I’ve apologized. Jesus didn’t apologise when he insulted leaders

Extremely deep and strong words from A-plus as always

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