How can Melcom and china mall earning millions of cedis be paying workers 350gh, 500gh a month?- Man calls on Government to consider good salary structure


A social media user has called on government to consider improving on issues of salaries in the country because it’s heartbreaking to know foreign owned retail outlets like Melcom and China making millions to pay their staff meager wages.

In a post shared on Twitter a username @law questions how can worker have their lives improved if they are going to receive 350 cedis as salaries.

He further advocated for the 13 cedis minimum wage announced by government to be strictly implemented but even with the minimum wage people working for 26 days in a month could only earn little over 300 cedis

Others came in with comments to give further clue to how bad working in Ghana especially for the private sector is.

One follower said she was even paid 165 cedis as a staff of Melcom and had to work from Monday to Saturday.

She was forced to quit because the salary could not meet her expenses.

In other stories on wages, President of America few weeks ago announced America’s minimum wage to be 15 dollars an hour saying nobody working in America should be poor.

At the current exchange rate, what it means is that the less earned in America after working for every hour in a day will earn almost 90 cedis which is someone’s monthly salary in Ghana.

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