How family plan to kill a lady who was sending money home from U.S for the building of her house


A lady has narrated how a friend of hers escaped being killed by her own relatives after they took her money and built a house for themselves.

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The lady revealed this friend of hers who lives in the USA was sending money often to her parents and sister back in Ghana for her building project.

Sadly, they took the money and built a seven bedroom house for themselves and used the rest of the money to set up businesses in their name.

When the lady flew down to Ghana to check on her house, they took her to a hotel and poisoned the food they prepared for her. Fortunately, someone gave her a hint that the food was poisoned so she didn’t eat it.

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She wanted to get a lawyer to handle the case for her but the lawyer was charging too much and she had no more money left on her so she had to give up and sadly returned to the USA.

The narrator said, “a friend of mine who doesn’t have documents here in the USA and working tirelessly to earn enough money for her family back home to build a house for her.”

“My friend told me she sent $45k to her mum, her sister and her sister’s husband to buy a land and start building a house for her. They claimed the land was at Ashongman estates.”

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“My friend currently has no money because as soon as she is paid, she sends everything back home for her project. Her family sent her pictures of a beautiful seven bedroom house with a swimming pool not knowing her sister and her husband have built it for themselves.”

“She told me just last month, she sent $25k to her sisters husband after he informed her he needs to travel to China to purchase furniture for the house and even told her he’s successfully bought the furniture and sent pictures to prove it.”

“17 years in America gone down the drain. This friend of mine went to Ghana for just 10 days. Upon arrival, they took her to a hotel and told her they’re organising a welcome home party for her so she should relax.”

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She said her sister’s child went to the hotel and told her she knows she paid for her schooling in shs so she won’t sit down and watch for anything bad to happen to her. My mum (her sister) has prepared snail and bush meat soup for you, don’t eat it.”

“The reason why they’ve brought you to a hotel is because you don’t have any house. They built it for themselves and have even opened a wine shop.” Truly, her sister brought her the soup and she didn’t eat it.

“She wemt to a lawyer to help her but the lawyer said he will take ¢100,000 and she will have to make an initial payment of ¢50, 000 before he will start handling the case. Unfortunately, my friend had used all the money she had and sent everything to her family who duped her and wanted to kill her.

Watch the video below.

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