How much people make when their videos gets 1 million views on YouTube in 2021


You often see people celebrating when their videos hit a million views on YouTube and you asked yourself, how do they make from that video with a million views?

We will tell you in this article.

Musicians are normally the people who brags when their music videos hits a million views on YouTube and in most cases is not because of how much they make from such videos with a million views but for the bragging rights—- To tell everyone that their song is a hit.

And of course, everyone who monetize their videos on YouTube makes money from it when they have a lot of viewers on theirs channel.

Having more viewers on your videos on YouTube, is not only about getting a lot of subscribers because we see videos getting a lot of views but the channel has few subscribers. Quality of videos counts.

How much do people make when their videos gets a million views on YouTube?

People make money from YouTube from their videos which are monetized but how much they make from each video depends on different facts such as;

  • The location of the viewers – the countries a particular video gained a lot of viewers from determined how much that video will make for the YouTuber. For instance, if a video get more viewers from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom etc. that video will make you more money than the viewers from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya etc. due to the differences in CPC and RPM, and how much advertisers from those locations spend on ads and the conversion rates.
  • Video length – the longer the video, the higher the watch time. More ads will display in longer videos as a result, the revenue from such videos increases.
  • Channel niche
  • Video quality

The average amount a YouTuber make from their videos with a million views is between $4,000- $7,000 in 2021. it can increased depending on the facts above but this is the average amount.

See how much Jessica made from her video with a million views on YouTube below;

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